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I love you.


Why do I feel so inadequate? As if I do more harm than good. Why do I feel as though I am meant to live my life alone? As if I’m not worthy of anything good or of the slightest value. I only hurt those close to me.

Why must I do everything wrong? I feel wrong, I react wrong, I love wrong, I want you wrong, I talk wrong, I upset wrong. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

How can one person stand to be with me forever? It doesn’t seem feasible. Why try? Why set myself up for the inevitable failure that would be a long-term relationship? Love only takes you so far, then you grow up. Time to grow up, I guess.

how do i re-blog or like your pictures?  @raisedbyhitler

You can either click on the date or amount of notes to be taken to the page to reblog or like a post.



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